It’s FINALLY Here! Shop Miss A Haul!

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Hi beautiful blogging friends! Within the past two weeks I ordered and received my items from Shop Miss A.

I have been very much avoiding creating this post as I ordered so many items and I wanted to give all of you who may be interested in ordering off the site, a real deal information and description of the products so you can purchase them as well.

Here is my order from Shop Miss A:


All items from my Shop Miss A order


Makeup Tools

Left to right:

  • AOA Studio Cotton Puffs
  • AOA Studio Lip Makeup Remover Pads
  • AOA Studio Brush Cleaner
  • AOA Studio Wonder Beveled Blender
  • AOA Studio Tear Drop Wonder Blender in AOA Studio Wonder Blender Holder
  • AOA Studio Oval Sponge
  • AOA Studio Go Brow Fiber Gel in Medium Brown
  • AOA F15 Foundation Brush
  • AOA HiDef Brush F15
  • AOA HiDef Brush F6
  • AOA HiDef Brush E105
  • AOA HiDef Brush F1
  • She Crease Brush


AOA Studio Liquid Lip Sticks

Left to right:

  • Obsessed (2035)
  • Boujee (2028)
  • Extra (2029)
  • Hype (2025)
  • Work It (2030)
  • Fleek (2031)


  • Diamond Gloss, Hard Candy (1105)


Left to right: 

  • AOA Studio Highlighter (2301)
  • AOA Studio Concealer in Porcelain Concealer (2308)
  • AOA Studio Color Corrector in Peach (2307)
  • AOA Studio Color Corrector in Green (2304)


Hope you all enjoyed this haul and I encourage you to check out the Shop Miss A website and try some of these highly recommended items!


4 thoughts on “It’s FINALLY Here! Shop Miss A Haul!

    1. I have used the liquid lipsticks before but that was also before I got my lips done. I would say the only negative thing to say is that they are just A little bit off in the coloring that is shown on the website, then again they had better lighting, etc. I should have swatched them. Maybe I will do that of all of the lip products I have from Miss A. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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