D.I.Y Makeup Vanity (thrift store find)

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Hello friends!

As you can see from my “Thrifting Monday’s” post you know that I faithfully go thrift shopping at least once a week, usually on Sunday or Monday, to my favorite Salvation Army. I almost always have great luck finding awesome treasures there, from women’s clothing, men’s clothing, home decor and brick brack, I always hit the jack pot.

Last weekend, as I walked into the store, I seen a little desk by the front entrance that immediately caught my eye. I went to it and shook it a bit to see if it was sturdy, it was, and then I noticed it had a little cabinet, first thing that came to mind was “this could be a great makeup vanity.” My only issue was where to put it. I had always wanted a makeup vanity, a designated place to sit down and do my makeup with good lighting, while not tying up the bathroom. The price tag on the desk was $8.99, and I walked away for a bit taking a look around the store. I then heard an announcement over the PA that saying that if you purchase furniture and take it home the same day you would receive an additional 33% off. Immediately, I went back to the front and reserved the little desk, I asked if I was able to have it held at the front so I could check if there was a mirror on the back wall. Sure enough there actually was! I was elated, I could not believe my luck!

The mirror original price was marked at $11.99 with 33% off the price came down to $8.04, and the desk originally marked at $8.99 with discount was $6.03.

Please scroll down to take a look at my D.I.Y makeup vanity transformation


Desk in original state loaded into my car


Desk cleaned, knobs removed, time to spray paint


I then Mod-poged white paper over surfaces of desk and cabinet


Painted white paper gold to give a gold leaf look and texture


To achieve the glitter look I Mod-poged small areas and took a gold glitter shaker and added glitter to small areas until whole desk was covered, repeated steps for cabinet

Once this step was completed I let everything dry over night. The next day I took a small brush and dust pan to sweep the surface so I could add more glitter in any spots that were bare

I then installed the new cabinet knobs from Hobby Lobby


It was then time to make room in my bedroom for my new vanity


I added some finishing touches including:

  • Two 8×10 photo frames from Dollar Tree in which I removed the glass and set on the surface of the vanity to cover the glitter and for easy clean up
  • Small metal tray from Dollar tree to house makeup brush holders
  • Vases which I also purchased at the Salvation army with added marbles inside from Dollar Tree (small diamonds from Michael’s for clearance roughly $3.99/pack)
  • Lights for around the mirror which I purchased from Ollies Bargain Outlet for $1.99 (sells closeout merchandise and overstock from companies/retailers)

Basket and picture frame (flipped on it’s back) from Salvation Army


Chair also found at Salvation Army $6.70, Lola approved. (painted over embellishment)

  • Added tie chair cushion (from Ollies)
  • Throw blanket and perfume pillow (Five Below, $5.00 each)


I know that you wont be able to find all of the EXACT items that I did, but I hope this inspired you to create your own D.I.Y project. All you need is a little determination and A LOT of glitter πŸ™‚

Although this project was difficult at times, it was a labor of love and I enjoyed every second of it. I love working on projects such as this and I cannot wait to show you guys what other D.I.Y’s I have in mind.

Stay tuned, you wont be disappointed



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