Thrift Shopping Monday (April 2, 2018)

Hello friends!

Today is thrift shopping Monday! I am off  of work every Monday and faithfully I grab a coffee and take a 20 minute drive into the next county to go to my favorite Salvation Army store.

I believe it was my brother who got me into thrift shopping, most weekends we would go and see what kind of treasures we could find. Its funny, most of the decor in my home was bought thrift shopping! Not only do I purchase items from the different second hand stores in my area, but I also contribute by donating my own unwanted items, so to me, its a win, win situation!

I will be re-purposing all items purchased today

Decorative photo

  • Salvation Army Price: $3.99
  • Discount Price: $1.99


Photo Frame With Matting (holds three 4×7 photos)

  • Salvation Army Price: $4.99
  • Discount Price: $4.49



Porcelain Tray

  • Salvation Army Price: $5.99
  • Discount Price: $4.99



Flower Portrait (could not believe this great find!!!)

  • Salvation Army Price: $19.99
  • Discounted Price: $10.00



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