Microblading/Eyebrow Tattoo-My Personal Experiences

Naturally, I was blessed with light brown brows with a decent shape…it wasn’t until the big YouTube makeup bang that I realized precise brows were all the rage. At that point I had already began waxing my eyebrows for some time as well as filling them in, but I learned as I watched beauty gurus on YouTube teach their tricks, primers, pomades, powders, pencils and I started to practice and start my own brow routine.

I usually would do my eye-shadow and eyebrow makeup first-for my brows I would prime them with the good ol’ dollar ELF eye shadow primer or the Ruby Kisses 24 Hour Eye Shadow Magic Primer, I would then go in with a pencil and draw my shape and the use a brow powder over the pencil to lock it all in.

I had never really thought about permanent makeup before actually doing it. Here, is another example of my fearless beauty nature-the “it’ll grow back type of thinking.” I was at a medical spa and getting a facial, I inquired about permanent eyebrow tattooing, I was told I would be able to do it as soon as the next day. I had read up on the process, of how the beautician would map out your brows, make sure they are even, etc. So I kind of thought I knew what to expect-I, of course, ended up being wrong. The woman was late to the appointment, she hobbled in with her kit, talking on the phone and motioning for me to come back to the room. She put a numbing formula on my brows and I sat there while she talked on the phone. She never mapped out my brows, never cleaned my brows up, she just started going to town. I don’t know why I didn’t question anything that was going on at the time, I just kind of sat there and hoped for the best-And it did turn out well.

The healing process is very much the same as a tattoo (so I hear…), I was told to keep triple antibiotic cream on them during the healing phase and was told they may bleed a little the same day of the procedure and scab over as they were healing-which was exactly what happened.

I wouldnt say that the procedure “hurt” it was just a nagging, uncomfortable feeling on my face. After so long it started to just feel raw where she kept tattooing over and over to disburse pigment. Afterwords, it hurt to really make any type of facial expressions involving my brows because of the tenderness, which went away after a few days post procedure.

The upkeep is as follows-four to six weeks after the initial procedure I would go back and have my brows touched up, and it seemed as though that hurt more than the initial procedure. After that I never really went back for anymore work on my brows as I had the shape I desired and it had become MUCH easier to my makeup.

Three years post touch up I had been seeing more and more people getting microblading procedures to their eyebrows, which gives a more natural, softer look, by making brush strokes that look like actual eyebrow hair. I decided since my tattoo was starting to get patchy and faded, that I would like to try microblading and see if I could get an even nicer shape and touch up based on what I already had.

The beautician that I had seen for my lip injections also did the microblading procedure, but was booked out until June, three months away! I didnt really want to wait that long as I am going through my late 20’s crisis and needed it done like yesterday. I had mentioned to a friend that I was thinking about having microblading done, she told me that a friend from high school just got her certificate in microblading and she would be running a special for the first five people to contact her. I ended up being her first customer and we worked through the whole process together.

The concept of the procedure is the same, however without a hand held machine. This time, I was actually measured out and drawn on to make sure everything was 100% even and I would be happy with the placement and the results.

A numbing cream was put on the brows and let to set for a few minutes, when those few minutes were over my technician went right to town! The technique used is a needle such as this:MIDAS ADVANCED MICROBLADING NEEDLE-MICROBLADING-MEI-CHA As you can see there are tiny little blades spaced out designed to make the natural hair strokes.

The only complaint I can say is the noise of the blade digging into your skin, which tends to be a little disturbing. I did find that this technique did make me bleed a little bit more than my initial tattoo, but I can definitely say that it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Now, a huge difference that I have noticed between the two procedures is that the healing process.

This chart is a completely accurate representation of the healing process:

Currently, I am at the day five stage. I was worried at first when my scab started flaking off as it looked raw instead of any color deposit. I talked to my brow technician and we decided that we just had to wait it out and see what happened. Literally, the next day, I was able to see the hair strokes again. I have been not submerged my face into any water, blotting with a warm washcloth or unscented baby wipe to clean and applying Aquaphor to the brow area as advised. Everything has healed up nicely thus far and I couldn’t be happier.


Photos of my progression:

Prior to my consultation

Sunday, Measuring everything out before my procedure

Post procedure, brows looking great!


Wednesday, starting to heal/scab

Wednesday, evening, after bath


Friday, 5 days post procedure

In conclusion, I think microblading brows is obviously a more natural look than a straight up tattoo. I would do it all again in a heartbeat to have my brows a great shape and easier to fill in. Microblading is definitely for me! And I truly encourage anyone who is thinking about the procedure to go ahead and just do it. You can thank me later.

If you are in the Southeastern Michigan area and have an inquiry about my eyebrow technician, Antonia, please contact me for more details.



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