Lip Fillers-My Personal Experience

It wasn’t until I started playing around with makeup looks did I realize my lips were QUITE thinner and smaller than most of the beauty bloggers and gurus on YouTube. I would find myself purchasing lip liners, glosses, lipsticks, plumpers, anything I could get my hands on to get fuller lips! I would go through phases of thinking I may like to get lip fillers, but was always nervous of having some kind adverse reaction to the product being injected. I had called around a few places and it seemed that the regular running price for any type of filler was around $500, and I knew I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money on something so minute in my life, that costs nearly as much as rent!

I tossed the idea around for quite a few years. For some reason, one day, out of absolutely no where did it hit me…” I am doing this.” I was sick of feeling self conscience about my appearance, especially when I am capable of doing beautiful makeup looks but cannot work in a lip look because I have none!

I asked a friend of mine if she knew of anyone who was doing microblading eyebrows at the time and she referred me to two different people via Instagram, I took a look and found many videos of not only the microblading, but injections as well. I in-boxed the beautician and got further information. The product used is Juvederm and the price is $375 per syringe. I had no second thoughts, I immediately contacted her assistant and booked an appointment. During the time leading up to my appointment I was able to continue messaging my beautician asking questions like “do you use a numbing cream?” Or “what if I have an allergic reaction?” All of my concerns were answered and by the time my appointment came around I was nervous yet confident that Mariam, my beautician would do a great job.

My cousin came with me to my initial appointment, I was immediately slathered with the numbing cream as I filled out my paperwork. When I was finished I went back and met Mariam. I sat in the chair very nervous of what I had gotten myself into. To be honest, I felt hardly nothing. It was only until the corners of the lips did I feel anything more than slightly uncomfortable, but it was definately not something that would send me through the roof in pain. I could see the horror on my cousin’s face as she watched me being injected-I assured her it was really no big deal.

I was offered not only a numbing cream but a dental block, such as one your dentist would administer during a dental procedure. I definately knew I didnt want to deal with anymore needles for the day so I opted for the cream only, which, as it tured out, was more than good enough for my pain tolerance.

After the procedure I had little to no bruising and minimal swelling. You see most of the product was injected into my top lip as I virtually had nothing there in the first place! I only felt some slight discomfort that evening but I made sure to ice my lips and massage them as instructed so I didn’t get clumpy areas forming. As my swelling went down I knew it was time for more, and I went for a second round, one more full syringe. For my next appointment I will have half a syringe injected and then take a break for awhile to let my lips heal.

My anxiety ran so high the week before the procedure, however, it was not as bad as anyone can imagine. If you are thinking about getting lip fillers, I highly recommend Juvederm- there are far less risks and mishaps such as allergic reactions with this filler.

I believe that changing or accentuating your natural features makes you feel more confident about yourself and happy with your appearance. I know this may seem shallow to some, but we cant have it all, right?

You can take a look a the Juvederm website by clicking the link to learn more.


4 thoughts on “Lip Fillers-My Personal Experience

  1. Aw sweety. Your lips look great. But never be ashamed of what God gives you. To tell you the truth when i was a kid in the 70s i wanted thinnee lips because i was teased about my full lips.

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    1. REALLY?! I would have been so popular with my thin little lips!!! I definitely got caught up in the pop culture world of beauty gurus and Kar-Jenner’s. I’m glad I did it to just see what it was like and to try it. Honestly, I hardly even wear any lipstick or anything since I did it. Now I realize how dumb and insignificant it really is.


      1. Lol. I was called all kinds of names and fish wasnt one of them! I got the last laugh though since my lips are real and others pay good money. Stick with your plump its

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