$1 Makeup?

Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A has received a lot of hype on the YouTube scene as the premier website for quality $1 makeup products, ranging from liquid lipsticks, to eye shadow, foundation, highlighter, lets just say, anything you can conjure up in your head, they have it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you may be asking yourself “is this too good to be true” eh…yes and no. Its taken quite a few misses to find quite a few hits, and the misses, now, as far as I’m concerned, are few and far between.

Lets take a look at Shop Miss A:

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First, and foremost, Shop Miss A is cruelty free and never tested on animals with 100% FDA approved ingredients. This is a major must for brands these days to be able to state that they are cruelty free, a huge key for creating a successful brand is to cater to not only animals but those fighting for animal rights.

The AOA Studio line is by far my favorite line in the Miss A catalog-everything is $1 and range from makeup such as liquid lipsticks to color correctors and concealers, to beauty tools such as brushes and sponges.

Shop Miss A is also noteworthy for their famous “Wonder Blender” an amazing dupe for the “Beauty Blender” also only $1!

Next, we have the AO2 lab, the sister line to the AOA Studio brand that offers “more variety and higher quality makeup.” These products are the only items on the site that are not priced at $1. These items range from magnetic palettes, to pressed shadows, highlighters, bronzers, and powders, to bath bombs and sheet masks.


There are SO MANY items and brands featured on the Shop Miss A site and I highly encourage you to go to their site at https://www.shopmissa.com/ and have a look at everything they have to offer. You wont regret it!





*All photos used in this blog post are taken directly from https://www.shopmissa.com/ and all credit is given to the webpage and or company





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